Outstanding violins need suitable bows!

Now, after having searched for one of the best modern violins and for an adequate bow, I know it is much easier to find a good violin than a good bow.That's one of the issues I had to learn: A violin has its own independent state of quality. But a good bow must fit the violin and the physics of the player.So, you can not  seriously ask the bow maker 'please, show me your best bow'. He will confusedly regard you - just as I was eyed with irritation.

What can you do, to find a suitable bow for your own violin?

In A Nutshell ...

I created an evaluation sheet containing a column for each bow technique. Then on a scale between 1 - 7, I set my existing bow onto the mid value 4. And I decided to buy only a bow which would be significantly be better than my existing bow, with respect to all categories. Moreover, I wished to find one which on average would reach a 6.

... My Result

You might find more details in my blog about how I found my new bow.

Howsoever, the winner is
an Arcus S7 Carbon Bow