Good violins need suitable violin cases.

In the first two years, I used a round JW - Eastman Fiber Glass violin case. I was impressed by its stylish design. And I thought, that a modern violin and a carbon bow could well supported by a modern violin case. But unfortunately, I was not as contended with that solution as I wished to be. In the German 'Geigenforum', I blogged about my search, about the reasons, and the way to find a reliable catalogue of criteria.

At the end, I decided to buy a a handmade violin case, especially construed to my violin and its sleeping bag and equipped with all the nice things a very good violin case should have:

  • flexible bow bridges (for not breaking your bow if you carelessly take out of the holders)
  • 4 lockable  bow holder holders
  • an overlapping case lid (for preventing the infiltrating of rain drops which had already passed the external rain jacket)
  • an extra tape for fixing the violin neck
  • a pleasant smell (of all the case materials and the glue)
  • a nice design
  • a weight of less than 3 kilogramm
  • a water-repellent rain jacket
  • a premium hygrometer
  • a premium humidor
  • a really insulating corpus which does not directly pass through the external temperature into the case (as unfortunately all the modern synthetic cases I know do)
  • a case made of valuable materials
  • a large bag which really can cover the large orchestra sheet music
  • an integrated backpack system
  • a string tube holder
  • a reliable locking system based on two autonomous components (lock, zipper, and press buttons)
  • a suspension system
  • some extra feet at the bottom and a grasp at the top for being able to carry the case vertically
  • a large pocket on the right side (so, that unlocked bows fall onto the pocket instead of the violin)
  • much stowage
  • a provable system of shock absorption which does protect the violin (and not the case itself, as unfortunately all the modern synthetic cases I know do)

So, at the end, I have to thank Mr. Bergner, who compiled a wonderful case for me: it is a already a pleasure to take the case ...