Pimp Your bootScore

Now, I know what bootScore is: the miss­ing link between Boot­strap and my Word­Press-based site, a theme using the Boot­strap tech­nique. In a pure instance, every­thing works well but in an infe­ri­or design. That’s intend­ed by bootScore: You shall design your site by mod­i­fy­ing the bootScore files in a child-theme. Thus, I obvi­ous­ly have to start a pro­gram­ming project named pimp your bootScore.

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Start point:

  • I am going to start with a Word­Press site using a Yaml-Css based theme,
  • into which I’ve installed bootScore in accor­dance with its instal­la­tion guide
  • and out of which I’ve erased all pic­tures from my old posts and pages, the Word­Press media bank, and the file sys­tem1
  • I’ve rearranged my menu into a two-dimen­sion­al form2,
  • added the wid­gets ‘Recent Posts’, ‘Cat­e­gories’, and ‘Tag Cloud’ into the side­bar, just as bootScore had deliv­ered them.
  • Final­ly, I’ve reduced my for­mer tax­on­o­my of cat­e­gories.

Scope statement:

  • My site has a mul­ti­di­men­sion­al nav­i­ga­tion menu
  • with a self-open­ing hover-effect3
  • which uses the non-Boot­strap menu tech­nique, Super­fish.
  • My ‘lat­est post wid­get’ uses thumb­nails of the Fea­tured-Images,
  • the Word­Press loop gen­er­at­ing the post-sur­vey page uses scal­able fea­tured images
  • while the post page embeds them into the text as enlarge­able pic­tures.4
  • My site uses mean­ing­ful bread­crumbs,
  • starts with a spe­cif­ic Home- respec­tive­ly Front­page, editable by Guten­berg
  • and makes the post-sur­vey acces­si­ble by anoth­er method.
  • It direct­ly imple­ments basic SEO tech­niques and
  • inte­grates extend­ed SEO tech­niques by using a SEO plu­g­in.
  • My site uses the Boot­strap grid tech­nique for pre­sent­ing con­tent in a more fan­cy way
  • and Boot­strap design ele­ments (col­ors) to bet­ter design the appear­ance
  • It uses font awe­some pic­tures with the help of bootScore,
  • devel­ops a respec­tive short­code,
  • and embeds local­ly installed pret­ty google fonts
  • Final­ly, my site places the meta ele­ments into the foot­ers deliv­ered by bootScore
  • and stream­lines the exist­ing con­tent.

While cre­at­ing such a Word­Press instance, I want to make sure that I use free soft­ware as much as pos­si­ble.


So, in all, I want

  • to build a more fan­cy bootScore-based web­site,
  • while doc­u­ment­ing my solu­tions
  • for enabling my future self to look up how I have done it in the past

In this way, a set of small posts shall arise that ben­e­fit me and oth­ers.

  1. by clear­ing wp-content/uploads []
  2. because a pure bootScore instance ignores deep­er embed­ded menu entries []
  3. on large screens []
  4. via fan­cy­box []
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