Once Again Musica-Viva in Austria

Last year – thanks to Corona – I had to switch to an adventure with Musica-Viva to make my annual music vacation a reality. This year will also be a lot different from what I had actually thought or hoped. Probably, my second vaccination will come too late for participating in the weeks of the WGM. So, again I go back to Musica-Viva → …

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Illustrating Open-Source Posts

I love ZEN-presentations, especially when they deal with open-source software. To create such files, we need pictures. Many pictures. That’s why I keep stumbling over the question of whether the FOSS licenses also allow us to use icons and logos in the same way as the code? Moreover: Under which conditions may we illustrate our articles with ‘internet-pictures‘ ? I’ve always wanted to make that clear to myself → …

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TDOSCA & OSCake: Automating FOSS Compliance

By releasing the Open Source License Compendium and the Open Source Compliance Advisor, Deutsche Telekom has already supported the task to deal with Open Source Compliance. But DT offers so many and complex Open Source based products that it is too expensive to create the necessary Open Source compliance artifacts manually. Thus, DT needs a practically usable automated toolchain. → …

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Salon Orchestra

Actually, every year I visit one of the Wies-Orchestra-Weeks realized by Werkgemeinschaft Musik. About some of them, I have already reported, most recently in 2016. But this year all these wonderful opportunities have been canceled – thanks to Covid-19. Personally, it has been sadly, but objectively it was necessary. But now? Completely without commonly making music? I had to find another option: → …

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Atom and vi(m): a dream comes true

Ich liebe den vi(m), insbesondere wenn ich in einem Repository arbeite. Es ist so leicht, schnell mal eben eine Datei per Konsole zu ändern, so einfach alle Trumps durch Biden zu ersetzen: :1,$ s/[Tt]rump/Biden/g. Aber am Desktop habe auch ich bisher natürlich GUI basierte Editoren genutzt, Gedit z.B. Oder – seit einigen Monaten – Atom. Daher rutschten mir manchmal vi-Befehle wie xi in meine Texte – weil ich vergessen hatte, dass ich einen Desktop-Editor benutzte. Aber jetzt ist ein Traum wahr geworden: → …

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gtgt Or The Life After

In 2000, I had released the Gnu Template Generation Tools that instantiate a set of sources which were readily prepared for being developed, compiled, and installed with the GNU ‘Autoconf/Automake’ development environment. A few years later they were passed – by new languages, techniques, and tools. But now we have revitalized gtgt for special reasons of open source compliance: → …

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Atom under Ubuntu 20.04

I am a loyal soul. But my patience is limited: On Ubuntu 20.04, the tips from Eclipse are displayed in black on black. Hmm. Markdown editors are cumbersome. Oops. And the ‘spell-check’ for German-English texts still doesn’t work. Grrr. So, it is time to conquer new frontiers: everyone is already talking about ‘Atom‘. Let us give it a try even if – on Ubuntu 04/20 – we have to circumnavigate some cliffs. → …

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