Kippa Solidarity in Germany

A few days ago, the ‘designee for antisemitism’ of the German government stated, that he could no longer recommend to Jews to wear a Kippa in Germany wherever they want to do. That’s bad. Not because he said so, but that he had to say so – due to the attacks of Jews in Germany.

Then, he invited all Germans to wear a Kippa on the Al-Kuz day which has been invented by Iran as an Anti-Israeli-Day and which in Germany is used for attacks on Jews. Such a wearing of a Kippa shall be seen as an expression of Solidarity. That’s the right way. I am going to participate:

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JNIZ – or how a licensing fails

. Currently I am reviewing music software, as for example JNIZ. It allows […] to build and to harmonize several voices according to the rules of classical harmony.” [1] Although it is hosted on SourceForge, its license is ‘strange’. And by this, the author finally violates the GPL. A paramount example: → …

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mycsrf 2.0

With respect to my upcoming scientific projects, I’ve updated mycsrf (mind your Classical Scholar Research Framework): It now allows to use projects in projects, to define autonomous subprojects with specific databases and to sliver parts as independent projects. In other words: no more distractions, simply mycsrf-2.0

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