Back to the roots: Strato wordpress with ssh and bash

Maintaining a wordpress instance via ftp can become a hassle: each file you want to modify must be downloaded, edited locally and uploaded again. But beside this, the German hoster Strato offers an ssh-access – though you must know how it works:

The ssh-server of Strato is accessible under ssh.strato.de. For using it successfully, you need an account because the server must know which directory of the file system is yours. In accordance to the Strato rules this account is the main domain of your package. Following the the syntax of ssh this domain and the server address are linked by an @ for creating a correct ssh address:

ssh your.domain.de@ssh.strato.de

If you call this command in a local shell, your ssh-client calls the remote ssh-server and manages the login dialog. After having been logged in you get a real Linux environment:

You get a vi(m) for editing your files remotely, you a get tar and a gz for managing uploaded packages, and you can even call a bash with its well known command completion. The traditional which-tool tells you which tools are installed and where.

Hence, those who are able to maintain their local computers via a shell, will have no problems to maintain their wordpress instances remotely: and it is even not necessary to use the ftp file by file upload. You can create a tar.gz package which you upload und unpack remotely.

All this saves time and is very comfortable – if you are (still) familiar with the work in a shell – like the IT dinos.

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