Once Again Musica-Viva in Austria

Last year – thanks to Corona – I had to switch to an adventure with Musica-Viva to make my annual music vacation a reality. This year will also be a lot different from what I had actually thought or hoped. Probably, my second vaccination will come too late for participating in the weeks of the WGM. So, again I go back to Musica-Viva and its course string ensembles

For that course, Musica-Viva had looked for violists at discounted rates. And since it also grants good corona cancellation conditions, I dared to register before the last guaranteed vaccination date. Hence, this year – if everything goes well – I will again report on a new form of music vacation.

To be honest, I’m not a chamber musician or sight-reading player. I tend to hide myself in the hustle and bustle of an orchestra. That’s why I dread this course a little. So, I asked beforehand whether I fit in there at all. And whether the grades would come long enough beforehand, because I couldn’t free up a lot of practice time in the short term.

Well, it was said that it would fit and we would find out the details 5 weeks in advance. So what this course is about, how many musicians are going to take part and which music lands on my music stand, I’ll report in the Geigenforum – like I’ve been doing for the past few years:

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