About Dead and Living Horses: Atom vs. VSCod[e|ium]

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The Atom page mean­while says: “Atom and all repos­i­to­ries under Atom will be archived on Decem­ber 15, 2022″. The respec­tive sun­set­ting doc­u­ment adds, that Atom — “the hack­able text edi­tor for the 21st Cen­tu­ry”, devel­oped by GitHub — “[…] had not had sig­nif­i­cant fea­ture devel­op­ment for the past sev­er­al years” and that GitHub has there­fore […]

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Atom on Ubuntu 20.04

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I am a loy­al soul. But my patience is lim­it­ed: On Ubun­tu 20.04, the tips from Eclipse are dis­played in black on black. Hmm. Mark­down edi­tors are cum­ber­some. Oops. And the ‘spell-check’ for Ger­­man-Eng­lish texts still does­n’t work. Grrr. So, it is time to con­quer new fron­tiers: every­one is already talk­ing about ‘Atom’. Let us […]

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