Data Privacy

Data Protection Declaration: About the Use of Your Data

  • Respon­si­ble for the data pro­tec­tion in accor­dance to the data pro­tec­tion laws (DSGVO): Karsten Reincke
  • Con­tact address:
  • By using this address, You can
    • require for being informed about Your data we have stored and how we use them (§15 DSGVO),
    • require for updat­ing Your data (§16 DSGVO),
    • require for delet­ing Your data (§17 DSGVO),
    • require for lim­i­tat­ing the use of your data, while we are not allowed to delete them (§18 DSGVO),
    • object the use of your data (§20 resp. §21 DSGVO) und
    • with­draw Your agree­ment to use your data.

Addi­tion­al­ly, You can raise a com­plain at the offi­cial reg­u­la­tors. For details see:

General Data Collection in case of a Visit at Our Site

If you access your site, some gen­er­al data are stored in the log­files, as — for exam­ple — the type of your brows­er, your oper­at­ing sys­tem, the domain name of your inter­net ser­vice provider, your ipad­dress etc. These data are stored to tech­ni­cal­ly and insti­tu­tion­al­ly enable the use of our ser­vice via the inter­net.


Cook­ies are lit­tle text files stored on your com­put­er by your brows­er. These files are used to rec­og­nize your wish­es if you vis­it the site again.

* uses the stan­dard cook­ies of Word­Press and its plu­g­ins — as for exam­ple:  ses­sion iden­ti­fi­er, lan­guage con­fig­u­ra­tions, names of com­men­ta­tors and — in case of edi­tors: — login information.These data stay on your com­put­er. They are used by *, but nei­ther dis­trib­uted to any 3rd. par­ties nor  used for oth­er pur­pos­es than to improve your read­ings. If you want to man­age these data (edit­ing, read­ing, delet­ing), please use the cook­ie man­age­ment func­tion­al­i­ties of your brows­er. If you do not want to receive cook­ies, con­fig­ure your brows­er accord­ing­ly.


* uses the stan­dard com­ment­ing func­tions of word­press. You are required to insert your name and your email address into the com­ment­ing form before you can send your remarks. Your first com­ment will be reviewed, before it will be pub­lished. You data — includ­ing the ip address of the com­put­er from which you send your com­ment are stored in our back­end. Your data will only be used to ful­fill the legal require­ments of Ger­many con­cern­ing the com­mu­ni­ca­tion in the web. Your data won’t be hand­ed over to any third par­ty oth­er than legal Ger­man instances.

* uses for get­ting the avatar pic­tures you have con­fig­ured there. For deter­min­ing whether such an avatar exists, the email address of each com­ment is sent to There, the ser­vice com­pares the address with its data­base and sends the pic­ture back in case of suc­cess. These gra­vatar pic­tures ease to com­mu­ni­cate via com­ments. Gra­vatar has its own pri­va­cy police,  which promis­es us, that the received email is only stored as long as the search of a pos­i­tive or neg­a­tive answer needs.

By using the com­ment­ing func­tions, you approve this usage.

WordPress and WordPressplugins

In its back­end * uses word­press and word­press plu­g­ins. Jonas Tiet­gen from WP-Nin­jas has inves­ti­gat­ed which plu­g­ins are DSGVO com­pli­ant. Rough­ly spo­ken, he uses 3 cat­e­gories: some of the plu­g­ins do not store / dis­trib­ute data to 3rd. par­ties (green), some of the plu­g­ins must be con­fig­ured, not to store ( dis­trib­ute data to 3rd par­ties (yel­low), and some indeed store / dis­trib­ute data to 3rd. par­ties. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, not all plu­g­ins used by * are list­ed in this inves­ti­ga­tion. For these ‘unspec­i­fied’ plu­g­ins we our­selves did not find any hint, that the dis­trib­ute data to 3rd. par­ties (grey). With respect to these groups, we get the fol­low­ing result:

TypeCom­po­nentLicens[e|ing]Data Trans­ferPro­duc­tionCook­ie
PLGAnti­spam BeeGPL‑2.0does­n’t save “user data”activeNO
PLGBet­ter Search ReplaceGPL‑3.0 or lat­erafaik: no data → 3rd. p.inac­tiveNO
PLGBro­ken Link Check­erGPL‑2.0 or lat­erafaik: no data → 3rd. p.inac­tiveNO
PLGbsMa­son­ryMITafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGCool Tag CloudGPL‑2.0
[← Copy­Left]
afaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGCus­tom Side­barsGPL‑2.0 or lat­erafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGFoot­notes Made EasyGPL‑2.0 or lat­erafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGInclude Mas­ton FeedExpat Licenseafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGRecent Posts Wid­get With Thumb­nailsGPL‑2.0 or lat­erafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGQuick 301 Redi­rects“com­plete­ly free”, but no licenseafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGSafe SVGGPL‑2.0 or lat­erafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGShort­code in MenusGPL‑2.0 or lat­erprob.: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGSmart Slid­er 3GPL‑3.0 or lat­erafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGTablePressGPL‑2.0afaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGWord­Press ImporterGPL‑2.0 or lat­erafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGwp-Typog­ra­phyGPL‑2.0 or lat­erafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
PLGWP Fastest CacheGPL‑2.0 or lat­erafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeNON
APPWord­PressGPL2.0 or lat­erafaik: no data → 3rd. p.activeYES, if logged in
PLGYOASTGPL‑3.0afaik: no cloud = no data → 3rd. p.activeNO
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