Self Licensing

If not stat­ed oth­er­wise, all pages and posts are pub­lished under the cre­ative com­mons share alike license 4.0. Very rough­ly spo­ken, you may

  • copy and redis­trib­ute the pages and posts in any medi­um or for­mat [Share]
  • remix, trans­form, and build upon the pages and posts for any pur­pose, even com­mer­cial­ly [Adapt ]

if you

  • give appro­pri­ate cred­it to the author of the pages and posts, pro­vide a link to the license, and indi­cate if changes were made [Attri­bu­tion]
  • dis­trib­ute your con­tri­bu­tions / derived works under the same license as the orig­i­nal, which you have remixed, trans­formed, or built upon the pages and posts [Share­Alike]
  • not apply legal terms or tech­no­log­i­cal mea­sures that legal­ly restrict oth­ers from doing any­thing the license per­mit [No addi­tion­al restric­tions]

For details see the «human under­stand­able Licens­esum­ma­ry» and the «legal License».

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