License Fulfillments

With­out a run­ning legal sys­tem, we have nei­ther Free nor Open-Source Soft­ware. Only if the four rights have suc­cess­ful­ly been grant­ed to us by the respec­tive licens­es, do we have, what we want to have: free acces­si­ble soft­ware. But for pre­serv­ing these rights, we must thor­ough­ly try to ful­fill the con­di­tions these FLOSS licens­es impose on us: You can’t have the cake and eat it.

By call­ing this site via a brows­er, some Open-Source libraries are auto­mat­i­cal­ly deliv­ered to the brows­er too. There­fore, we are oblig­ed — rough­ly spo­ken — also to deliv­er the cor­re­spond­ing license and to name the copy­right own­er:

jquery.jsMITWe use deliv­ered by Word­Press. It con­tains a respec­tive head­er.


* uses Word­Press as back­end soft­ware. Word­Press is licensed under the GPL‑2.0 or lat­er.  We do not dis­trib­ute that soft­ware, hence we are not oblig­ed to ful­fill any require­ments. Nev­er­the­less, it is an hon­or for us to state, that we are using this free soft­ware. The same holds true for the plu­g­ins we use:

Plu­g­inLizenzDSGVO Sta­tus
Anti­spam BeeGPL-v2con­fig­ured not trans­fer data to 3rd. par­ties
Bet­ter Search ReplaceGPL‑3.0 or lat­erno data trans­fer to 3rd. par­ties. Only for back­end users (=me).
Bro­ken Link Check­erGPL‑2.0 or lat­erno data trans­fer to 3rd. par­ties. Only for back­end users (=me).
Dupli­cate PageGPL-v2no data trans­fer to 3rd. par­ties. Only for back­end users (= me)
Dupli­cate PostGPL-v2prob­a­bly sim­i­lar to dupli­cate page. Only for back­end users (= me).
Easy Foot­notesGPL‑3.0no data trans­fer to 3rd. par­ties. Only for back­end users (=me).
Post Type Switch­erGPL-v2prob­a­bly no data trans­fer to 3rd. par­ties. Only for back­end users (=me).
Sim­ple XML Sitemap Gen­er­a­torGPL‑2.0 or lat­erprob­a­bly no data trans­fer to 3rd. par­ties
Short­code in MenusGPL-v2prob­a­bly no data trans­fer to 3rd. par­ties
TablePressGPL-v2no data trans­fer to 3rd. par­ties
Word­Press ImporterGPL-v2no data trans­fer to 3rd. par­ties

JavaScript libraries some­times pre­vent us from suc­cess­ful­ly ful­fill the require­ments of their licens­es. Their authors often delib­er­ate­ly dis­trib­ute slimmed-down pack­ages to improve per­for­mance:

JQuery & hoverIntend

Both, the uncom­pressed JQuery ver­sion and the com­pressed JQuery ver­sion con­tain a more or less small head­er with the copy­right infor­ma­tion and a link to a page with some infor­ma­tion about the MIT license. hov­er­In­tend is designed as a JQuery plu­g­in. But none of them — nei­ther the libs nor the plu­g­in — con­tain the license text.


mod­ern­izr is a set of func­tions that is com­piled by a con­fig­u­ra­tion process and offers only a short head­er with a small hint of the MIT license. This head­er does nei­ther con­tain a copy­right line nor the license text itself, the cor­re­spond­ing license page does not con­tain an ade­quate copy­right line.


super­fish is offered as a com­pressed and uncom­pressed javascript plu­g­in for jQuery. It is dou­ble licensed under the MIT and/or the GPL. This implic­it­ly means that one can select the license one needs. The com­pressed ver­sion as well as the uncom­pressed ver­sion only con­tains a small head­er with­out any license text.

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