Data Protection Declaration: About the Use of Your Data

  • Responsible for the data protection in accordance to the data protection laws (DSGVO): Karsten Reincke
  • Contact address:
  • By using this address, You can
    • require for being informed about Your data we have stored and how we use them (§15 DSGVO),
    • require for updating Your data (§16 DSGVO),
    • require for deleting Your data (§17 DSGVO),
    • require for limitating the use of your data, while we are not allowed to delete them (§18 DSGVO),
    • object the use of your data (§20 resp. §21 DSGVO) und
    • withdraw Your agreement to use your data.

Additionally, You can raise a complain at the official regulators. For details see:

General Data Collection in case of a Visit at Our Site

If you access your site, some general data are stored in the logfiles, as – for example – the type of your browser, your operating system, the domain name of your internet service provider, your ipaddress etc. These data are stored to technically and institutionally enable the use of our service via the internet.


Cookies are little text files stored on your computer by your browser. These files are used to recognize your wishes if you visit the site again.

* uses the standard cookies of WordPress and its plugins – as for example:  session identifier, language configurations, names of commentators and – in case of editors: – login information.These data stay on your computer. They are used by *, but neither distributed to any 3rd. parties nor  used for other purposes than to improve your readings. If you want to manage these data (editing, reading, deleting), please use the cookie management functionalities of your browser. If you do not want to receive cookies, configure your browser accordingly.


* uses the standard commenting functions of wordpress. You are required to insert your name and your email address into the commenting form before you can send your remarks. Your first comment will be reviewed, before it will be published. You data – including the ip address of the computer from which you send your comment are stored in our backend. Your data will only be used to fulfill the legal requirements of Germany concerning the communication in the web. Your data won’t be handed over to any third party other than legal German instances.

* uses for getting the avatar pictures you have configured there. For determining whether such an avatar exists, the email address of each comment is sent to There, the service compares the address with its database and sends the picture back in case of success. These gravatar pictures ease to communicate via comments. Gravatar has its own privacy police,  which promises us, that the received email is only stored as long as the search of a positive or negative answer needs.

By using the commenting functions, you approve this usage.

WordPress and WordPressplugins

In its backend * uses wordpress and wordpress plugins. Jonas Tietgen from WP-Ninjas has investigated which plugins are DSGVO compliant. Roughly spoken, he uses 3 categories: some of the plugins do not store / distribute data to 3rd. parties (green), some of the plugins must be configured, not to store ( distribute data to 3rd parties (yellow), and some indeed store / distribute data to 3rd. parties. Unfortunately, not all plugins used by * are listed in this investigation. For these ‘unspecified’ plugins we ourselves did not find any hint, that the distribute data to 3rd. parties (grey). With respect to these groups, we get the following result:

PluginLizenzDSGVO Status
Antispam BeeGPL-v2configured not transfer data to 3rd. parties
Add From ServerGPL-v2?No license file in the repository. Pure backend plugin, probably no data transfer to 3rd. parties
Duplicate PageGPL-v2no data transfer to 3rd. parties
Duplicate PostGPL-v2probably similar to duplicate page
EU Cookie LawGPL-v2no data transfer to 3rd. parties
Simple Wp SitemapGPL-v3probably no data transfer to 3rd. parties
Loco TranslateGPL-v2no data transfer to 3rd. parties
Math CaptchaMITprobably no data transfer to 3rd. parties
Post Type SwitcherGPL-v2probably no data transfer to 3rd. parties. Only for backend use
Shortcode in MenusGPL-v2probablyno data transfer to 3rd. parties
Smart Slider 3GPL-v3probably no data transfer to 3rd. parties
TablePressGPL-v2no data transfer to 3rd. parties
WordPress ImporterGPL-v2no data transfer to 3rd. parties
WP GDPR ComplianceGPL-v2probably no data transfer to 3rd. parties
WP Super CacheGPL-v2no data transfer to 3rd. parties
WPGlobusGPL-v3probably no data transfer to 3rd. parties
WPGlobus PlusClosed Sourceprobably no data transfer to 3rd. parties

Diese Site verwendet Cookies. (Details)

Die Cookie-Einstellungen auf dieser Website sind auf "Cookies zulassen" eingestellt, um das beste Surferlebnis zu ermöglichen. Wenn du diese Website ohne Änderung der Cookie-Einstellungen verwendest oder auf "Akzeptieren" klickst, erklärst du sich damit einverstanden.