2019-12-07: stable release 1.0 published – together with examples and a documentating tutorial.


Complexity is like water: trying to compress it, only increases the pressure. is a LilyPond library for embedding harmony analysis symbols into a score. It can deal with symbols of the scale-step-theory as well as symbols of the funktional harmony theory.

In the beginning, I simply wanted to find the best way to use analyzed music examples in musicological files. On the one side, the bundle of LaTeX, MusicTeX und Harmony offers such an opportunity – in general. But practically, MusicTeX is too complicated. It decreases the productivity. On the other side, LaTeX and LilyPond can be used easily. But they alone do not fulfill the needs of the musicology.

Tristan Chord

For closing this gap, I decided to develop : As a plugin for LilyPond files, it should be able to do, what harmony does for MusicTeX and LaTeX. But for writing the scores, one should be able to use the well known and simple LilyPond language.

Here you see an example of what the result can realize.

Download and Usage

  • The GitHub repository can be cloned or downloaded as zip file.
  • For using the library one must only inlude the file into one’s own Lilypond file. Example files show how this is down.
  • The details of using is explained by a tutorial. Take a look at doc/tutorial.pdf or use the online version of the Licenses

Copyright (c) 2019 Karsten Reincke, Hans Blum

The library may be used under the terms of the GPLv3 or the MIT. For details take a look at the file LICENSING.

The examples are licensed under the terms of the MIT license, the tutorial is distributed as CC-BY-SA file.

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