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Pimp Your bootScore

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Now, I know what bootScore is: the miss­ing link between Boot­strap and my Word­Press-based site, a theme using the Boot­strap tech­nique. In a pure instance, every­thing works well but in an infe­ri­or design. That’s intend­ed by bootScore: You shall design your site by mod­i­fy­ing the bootScore files in a child-theme. Thus, I obvi­ous­ly have to start a pro­gram­ming project named pimp your bootScore. […]

From ‘Ugly’ To ‘Nice’: Migrating to bootScore

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That I would have to give up YAML-CSS had quick­ly become clear to me at the begin­ning of the year. What I should replace it with, not. I want­ed to stay with Word­Press. And to recy­cle my old con­tent. So, all I had to do was to replace the theme. The­o­ret­i­cal­ly! […]

Again About a Dead Horse: YAML-CSS

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Recent­ly I wrote about the ‘expir­ing’ edi­tor Atom. Now I’ve stum­bled upon anoth­er dead horse in my sta­ble: YAML CSS. That has noth­ing to do with YAML ain’t Markup Lan­guage. It’s a mod­u­lar CSS frame­work for tru­ly respon­sive web­sites. For years, it served me faith­ful­ly, first in Typo3, then on Word­Press. And now it’s dead.

In the GitHub repos­i­to­ry of Yaml-Css , there are still two open pull requests from 2013/2014 and 11 issues from 2013 to 2017, but zero con­tri­bu­tions since 2014. Since 2010, Xing and Linked-In con­sis­tent­ly show its main author, Dirk Jesse, as ‘Edi­tor-in-Chief’ of the trade mag­a­zine “Bautech­nik”. Addi­tion­al­ly, he has stopped pub­lish­ing activ­i­ties under webkrauts in 2014.

No, I’m not doing YAML-CSS wrong if I say it’s dead. Any­way, I could­n’t rec­om­mend the wife to build her new web pres­ence on it.

But now I have to become active myself: has to be rebuilt. Espe­cial­ly since — as the woman nev­er tired of point­ing out — it looked so ‘old-fash­ioned’. And since I no longer want­ed to be resis­tant to advice, there was only one thing to do: Get rid of it. Set up a new con­cept, using

So I myself have to become active again: has to be updat­ed too. Espe­cial­ly because — as the wife nev­er tired of point­ing out — it looked so ‘old-fash­ioned’. And because I did­n’t want to be ‘advice-resis­tant’ any­more, I had only one option: Get rid of it! Look for

  • a future-proof HTML/CSS frame­work as a basis
  • that is demon­stra­bly also open-source soft­ware,
  • min­i­mizes my dai­ly effort
  • invites read­ers
  • and is lean­er in terms of con­tent.

About Dead and Living Horses: Atom vs. VSCod[e|ium]

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The Atom page mean­while says: “Atom and all repos­i­to­ries under Atom will be archived on Decem­ber 15, 2022″. The respec­tive sun­set­ting doc­u­ment adds, that Atom — “the hack­able text edi­tor for the 21st Cen­tu­ry”, devel­oped by GitHub“[…] had not had sig­nif­i­cant fea­ture devel­op­ment for the past sev­er­al years” and that GitHub has there­fore “[…] decid­ed to retire Atom” in favor for “Microsoft Visu­al Stu­dio Code” […]

The Bitkom Open Source Guide 3.0: A Comprehensive Upgrade

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For 6 years, the Bitkom Open Source Guide 2.0 was a wel­come first point of con­tact for Ger­man com­pa­nies regard­ing the appro­pri­ate use of open-source soft­ware. It was a stim­u­lat­ing source and bench­mark at the same time. But like every­thing else in the world, it has aged over time. Thus, it’s good to know that Bitkom and its ‘Open Source’ work­ing group have tak­en up the top­ic again. In June 2022, there was offi­cial­ly released an expand­ed and refined Bitkom Open Source Guide 3.0, — again intend­ed to be a man­u­al and a bench­mark for com­pa­nies […]

Frescobaldi on Ubuntu 22.04: with pip or apt

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Under Ubun­tu 22.04, Fres­cobal­di starts with an error: The area for dis­play­ing the music sheets says that Fres­cobal­di unex­pect­ed­ly pass­es an argu­ment of the type float to a func­tion in qpageview / respec­tive­ly qpageview/ Now, the user can ‘google’ for the cause — or read the fol­low­ing lines […]

Musescore 3 under Ubuntu 22.04 — without scratching noises

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After hav­ing updat­ed to Ubun­tu 22.04, I recent­ly want­ed to reac­ti­vate my music work envi­ron­ment. But when I installed Musescore‑3 and let it play my music score, I got an ugly mess of back­ground nois­es. And I could not add any sound­font. Obvi­ous­ly, I faced two obsta­cles that I had to over­come […]

Musicology and LaTeX

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Musi­col­o­gists have a hard time — name­ly if they want to enrich their LaTeX-texts by score exam­ples and har­mo­ny analy­ses. Up to now, there did not exist any study of whether and how that could be real­ized with free soft­ware. This arti­cle sum­ma­rizes a paper — writ­ten in Ger­man — con­cern­ing the top­ic LaTeX and Musi­col­o­gy, which on the qui­et has become a self-ref­er­en­tial tuto­r­i­al teach­ing what’s pos­si­ble and what is not. […]

CC-BY Trolls

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A pre­sen­ta­tion with­out images sucks. There­fore, we are some­times tempt­ed to take some from the Inter­net for beau­ti­fy­ing our work. There are so many excel­lent pic­tures on the World Wide Web. But to legal­ly insert­ing a for­eign pic­ture in one’s own pre­sen­ta­tion is not that easy. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, a new type of troll has emerged recent­ly, the image trolls. […]

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