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Slimming Down (IV): Designing Your Landing Page

Until now, the land­ing page mylap.php — as a tem­plate linked to the Word­Press page mylap — also shows only a list of all posts. But our favorite read­er had ‘pre­scribed’ us that she want­ed to see only the most impor­tant on the ini­tial page. And that at a glance. The most impor­tant thing in a blog is prob­a­bly always the most recent post. Plus maybe the most recent ‘sticky post’, that is, the one that the author marked last so that it should always be shown at the top:

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  • If not already done, pre­pare to use your own land­ing page accord­ing to Slim­ming Down (I).
  • If you want to show the absolute last post and the last sticky post on your land­ing page, down­load the tem­plate mylap-sp1rp1.php from bsTop­pings.
  • If you want to show only the absolute last post on your land­ing page, down­load from bsTop­pings the tem­plate mylap-sp0rp1.php.
  • Copy the down­loaded file under the name mylap.php into your child theme.((Yes, it should replace the file with the same name))


To make things eas­i­er for our read­ers, we have pre-designed these land­ing pages and made them avail­able for down­load at bsTop­pings. The only thing you have to do is to change the head­er area with the logos accord­ing to your own wish­es.

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